Episode 7

#7 Kevin Roose (The New York Times): Boomer memes, the power of naps, and hustle culture

New York Times columnist Kevin Roose is best known for writing and podcasting about online extremism and disinformation. But his new book, Futureproof, is a practical guide that offers "9 Rules for Humans in the Age of Automation," making it a sort of self-help book for people who don't want to be replaced by robots.

"I was talking to someone yesterday and they said, did you write a self-help book?" Roose says on today's episode of Follow Friday. "And it's like, well, literally yes. I was trying to help myself."

He also talks with Eric Johnson about the risk of "becoming a monster" on Twitter, why a Facebook page for Christian moms makes him jealous, and the celebrity entrepreneur he's embarrassed to admit he follows. Plus: Why you should take a nap after this podcast is done.

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