Episode 31

Morgan Sung (Mashable): Frog bread, astrology, poisonous mushrooms

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Over the past 18 months, internet culture has become, simply, culture. And one of the top writers documenting and explaining the latest trends is Mashable's Morgan Sung.

However, as she explained in one of her most-shared pieces — "Bimbos are good, actually" — Sung also sees the appeal of not being as savvy as she is.

"As someone who's painfully online, I think if you're going to have any sort of online presence or even just engage with online culture at all, you're expected to be on top of the discourse," she says. "You have to know everything at once. It's a lot of reading, and sometimes I'm tired."

On today's podcast, Sung talks about four of the accounts that have defined the pandemic-era internet for her: A food writer and photographer who understands how class and race intersect with our diets; a Dadaist meme account that reminds you you're not crazy; a 34-year-old punk who has become TikTok's cool aunt; and a passionate forager who wants nature to be celebrated, not avoided.

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