Episode 21

Follow Friday's new Patreon + Alexandra Petri, Rose Eveleth, and Ed Zitron bonus picks

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Big news: Starting today, for as little as $1 a month, you can support Follow Friday on Patreon!

Other than the warm fuzzy feeling you get from helping an indie podcaster out, you'll also get cool stuff when you back us: A shout-out on the show, your name in the show notes, sneak peeks at upcoming episodes, AND — most importantly — bonus mini-episodes! Today on the podcast, we're playing three examples of what those minisodes will sound like.

These are never-before-heard bonus recommendations from three popular recent guests: Flash Forward host Rose Eveleth, EZPR founder Ed Zitron, and Washington Post humorist Alexandra Petri. They talk about an accessibility consultant who knows how to break writers' block, a semi-anonymous teenager who's more knowledgeable about the NFL than anyone on ESPN, and a comedian/podcaster whose tweets capture the zeitgeist.

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