Episode 38

#38 Reza Farazmand (Poorly Drawn Lines): Persian chicken, desert blues, Commodore 64

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Poorly Drawn Lines creator Reza Farazmand thought he knew what to expect when adapting his popular webcomic as an animated TV show. After all, he had seen a documentary about how South Park gets made.

"That gave me the sense that making an animated show would be this wild process with late nights and a bunch of fast food," he says. "But it was really more of a slow, gradual process with a lot of emailing and phone calls ... It was a lot slower than I thought, but it was also an extremely gratifying and fun process."

You can watch what came of that process, the Poorly Drawn Lines TV show, on FX on Hulu. And on today's episode of Follow Friday, Reza shares some of his favorite people to follow from around the internet: Salt Fat Acid Heat author and Home Cooking co-host Samin Nosrat; Tuareg guitarist and rock star Mdou Moctar; the design podcast 99% Invisible; and an Instagram account dedicated to Retro Gadgets.

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