Episode 18

Rose Eveleth (Flash Forward): Underwater aliens, COVID journalism, the language of science

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For more than six years, Rose Eveleth has hosted one of the best science podcasts around, Flash Forward. In every episode, she takes listeners on a trip to the future to explore "possible (and not so possible)" scenarios, such as: What if we killed all the mosquitoes? What if every volcano on Earth erupted at the same time? What if we never fixed any of the Y2K bugs?

The podcast has also spawned an illustrated companion book, featuring comics based on Flash Forward episodes from artists such as Matt Lubchanksy, Sophie Goldstein, and Ben Passmore.

On today's show, Rose talks with Eric Johnson about four people she follows online: A fellow enthusiast about marine biology she wants to be friends with; a brilliant writer she's already friends with who sends her top-notch TikToks; an award-winning science journalist who has inspired her to keep podcasting; and a one-of-a-kind consultant who's fluent in the languages of both journalists and scientists.

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